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Dry Ice Blasting

A safe and clean way to clean equipment, machinery and surfaces

Dry ice blasting, known as dry ice cleaning and C02 blasting too, is a safe, clean, non-erosive process to clean equipment, machinery and surfaces. A cutting-edge technology which uses dry-ice pellets (solid particles of carbon dioxide) propelled at high speed to clean a wide range of commercial and manufacturing equipment and locations were developed as a safe alternative to bead, grit and sand blasting. The pellets/solid particles are delivered by bursts of intense compressed air and, despite the supersonic speed of the pellets, the process can be undertaken very safely and cost-effectively with handheld dry ice blasters.

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An effective & environmentally friendly way to improve surface properties.

An alternative to traditional types of contaminant abstraction, it is undoubtedly an effective & environmentally friendly approach to eradicate secondary waste or toxic contamination from any items, structures or machinery. The pellets/solid C02 particles will be shot as a cold jet and disperse on high velocity impact with the surface that is being treated, so the blast cleaning process doesn’t leave behind any debris, chemicals or waste which needs to be disposed of. The use of this process is prevalent in the manufacturing, building restoration, printing, eco power generation and oil & gas industries, however, the technology can be applied to a far wider range of sectors.
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Why Dry Ice Blasting?

The main benefits of Dry Ice Blasting your important equipment are

  • Effective

    Apart from being exceptionally effective at its role of cleaning equipment, surfaces and machinery, dry ice blasting also offers financial savings in man hours and the cost of alternatives avoids people’s exposure to strong cleaning chemicals and eliminates all bacterial issues. Thanks to the development of dry ice blasting, any contaminant will be removed extremely effectively from the surface being cleaned as, because of the speed with which the dry ice blasting takes place, the energy it generates converts into heat vapour and causes the waste product to be lifted away from the targeted surface, leaving no pollutant or other debris, just a clean surface.


    Whichever term you use to describe the process, dry ice cleaning, dry ice blasting or C02 cleaning, the process is so ingenious that you will be able to clean whilst your machines are still operating, with very little or no downtime required, keeping your business both pristine and profitable. Dry ice blasting is a quick, non-abrasive and simple process which can be undertaken, in most instances, with a handheld machine on almost any piece of equipment or machinery. The cleaning process is not a pollutant or a danger to people either, assuming you want work to continue on, in the area around the dry ice cleanings. If the working environment is not suitable for a handheld human operator.


    Dry ice blasting is a non-erosive, non-abrasive process which avoids damage to equipment and machinery, doesn’t leave waste behind and ensures that all (even) microscopic problems are eliminated – and you don’t even need to have any drying time for the revived machine set up! Combined, the elements of dry ice cleaning mean that, the overall time you need to spend cleaning your machinery is minimised, your equipment is cleaner and the whole process less costly than other less comprehensive methods.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Effective
  • Done on-site whilst machines are still running - Reducing downtime
  • Clean surfaces & equipment
Typical applications of Dry Ice Blasting

Endorsed by a range of industry bodies and associations, like the Food Standards Agency for example, there are an almost infinite number of applications for dry ice blasting in the commercial and manufacturing sectors, from pharmaceutical firms and shipyards to construction giants and automotive leaders, there aren’t many companies that couldn’t use dry ice cleaning somewhere in their firm!