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Keep your shot peening processes healthy with our services for the medical sector

Keep your medical equipment in excellent condition with shot peening

There are few more important tasks than keeping medical devices or implants in tip-top condition, and in some cases, ready for implantation into an anxious person. However, with shot peening, you can rest easy and assured as the shot peening process does an exceptional job of delivering exactly what is required and to the highest standards.

Shot peening medical components make them stronger without adding extra weight or materials

It’s also a proven process that is cost effective to implement when firms are ready. With a whole range of medical components like bone screws, dental implants, hip and knee replacement parts, the SAE Authority has published a paper with the objective to assist medical manufacturers to refine and validate their shot peening processes, which of course is a comfort to all those who will receive or benefit from the finished results.

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The benefits of surface engineering for the Medical sector

  • Makes components stronger
  • Doesn't add extra weight or materials
  • Cost-effective process

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