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Short-term shot peening solutions for the oil & gas industry equals long-term benefits

Prevent surface corrosion and fatigue using our surface engineering solutions for the oil and gas sector

For decades, shot peening has provided the oil and gas industry with significant improvements in the lifespan and durability of a range of essential equipment. Nearly all fatigue and stress corrosion failures stem from the surface of a component, with cracks forming, and, if untreated, result in a part failure or a safety breach. The process of shot peening generates overlapping dimples which create a standard layer of compressive stress on the surface which you shot peen.

Shot peening improves a components lifespan, meaning you less future costs for part failures

Shot peening offers a comprehensive but practical and cost-effective solution to the oil and gas industry’s, often short-term requirements. With so much of its capital expenditure operating under such extreme conditions, and where functional downtime will cost the firm a disproportionate fee, or even fine, then shot peening has proven itself to be an answer to the issues, with the short-term timescales available to most industry operator

The benefits of shot peening include preventing anything from fatigue failures to erosion

Compressive stresses are beneficial in increasing resistance to a range of common sector issues. For example, fretting fatigue, galling, erosion caused by cavitation, fatigue failures, and stress or hydrogen-assisted cracking. This is not an exhaustive list and, in fact, in most instances of long-term component failure, the common theme is tensile stress, which is slowed significantly when combated by shot peening. Shot peening is the most pragmatic solution to ensure residual compressive stresses.

Achieve the optimum productivity and much more with our surface engineering solutions

We provide a shot peening service that will enhance the performance of your metal components, equipment and surfaces, prevent component failure, achieve optimum productivity and extend the lifespan of your products. Plus, we will provide you with a comprehensive, planned programme of shot peening to be sure that your business reaps the advantages of this scientific but simple process, and if you have an emergency, and need an urgent shot peening service, we can support you with this too.

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The benefits of surface engineering for the Oil & Gas sector

  • Improve lifespan and durability of essential equipment
  • Increase resistance to a range of common sector issues
  • We will provide you with a comprehensive, planned programme

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