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Our surface engineering solutions are often used on rail track, carriages, railway axles and bogies

Shot peening is popular within the railway industry, with both manual and automated systems used in a wide variety of applications every day. The shot peening process benefits assets including the rail track, carriages, railway axles and bogies, however, shot peening is so useful on the railways, that there are also a range of railways-specific shot peening services that will maximise the railways’ maintenance and upkeep costs, as well as ensuring an ongoing safety record in relation to this topic.

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You can choose from coil spring shot peening, leaf spring peening, rail wing peening and wing peening, just as a starting point! So, whether you want a weld joint, axel, gear, spring or something larger shot peening, you’ll certainly have some options!

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We offer a complete shot peening service to the railway sector, ensuring that the components, whether large or small, are given the best treatment to ensure they work for longer, avoid fatigue and failure and to work at optimum productivity and capacity.

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The benefits of surface engineering for the Rail sector

  • Used on rail tracks, carriages, railway axles and bogies
  • Improve the railways’ maintenance and upkeep costs
  • Ensure parts work for longer and avoid failure

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