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Fly high with our shot peening solutions for the aerospace industry

Preserve the surfaces of your components from external harm whilst increasing their cyclic performance

In the aerospace industry, we understand why high performance from lightweight equipment is essential, and our companies surface procedures & shot peening services have the ability to increase the performance characteristics by preserving the surface from external harm and increasing the cyclic performance.

Our services are often used to improve the durability of spars, gear ribs, landing gear, drums, spinners and wing skins

The ability of shot peening to increase the fatigue life of components ensures the process plays a vital role in every element of the production and maintenance timetable for all aerospace components and completed models. Whether you produce or have in operation, spars, gear ribs, landing gear, drums, spinners or wing skins, or any other aerospace element, then shot peening can offer you the ability to increase the lifespan of your components, improve their performance prevent component failure or achieve optimum productivity.

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The benefits of surface engineering for the Aerospace sector

  • Increase performance characteristics
  • Preserve surfaces from external harm
  • Prevent component failure and achieve optimum productivity

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Services designed to benefit your parts & components

Increase Performance
Extend lifespan
prevent failures
achieve their optimum
improve their design