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Drive your business forward with shot peening for the automotive and motorsport industry

Make sure your components perform to their best ability by choosing shot peening

Invented in Germany and the United States in the 1920s and early 1930s, shot peening’s first application was to benefit automotive valve springs, so the advantages of shot peening in the automotive industry have been recognised for more almost 100 years. The motorsport and automotive industry requires high performing, cost-effective equipment that is capable of enduring high and varying loads.

Our company has been developing specifications & procedures to improve component life, performance & consistency by introducing innovative shot peening techniques and procedures, custom-built and individually-tailored to the automotive industry.

We are a leading supplier of shot peening services within the automotive industry

We have a strong track record of delivering shot peening solutions to automotive manufacturers globally, as well as to the industry’s suppliers and related businesses, that operate within this sector. Our sought-after shot peening technology, combined with our industry knowledge and understanding and the premium customer service experience we offer, means that we are a leading provider of shot peening services in this sector.

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The benefits of surface engineering for the Automotive sector

  • Improve component life, performance & consistency
  • Custom-built and individually-tailored solutions
  • We are leading provider of shot peening services in this sector

Choose performance and consistency for your components by choosing shot peening - Get in touch today for your personalised quote!

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Services designed to benefit your parts & components

Increase Performance
Extend lifespan
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achieve their optimum
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