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Renewable Energy

Warm up to surface engineering solutions for the renewable energy market

Our processes are optimised to improve the capabilities of renewable energy components and machines

Shot peening as a process is a regular feature of renewable energy (Eco) industry landscape. Our company’s processes are optimised to improve the capabilities of steam & gas turbine engines and auxiliary parts & equipment, as well as to reduce effects of failure for example erosion, weakness & corrosion damage, especially in dangerous and harsh environments.

Strengthen your wind turbines against the harsh British weather

In the Eco-industry, it’s essential that the equipment that generates energy is working correctly. For example, shot peening is used to increase the strength of the parts and improve the longevity of wind turbines. Being exposed to the elements 24/7 365 days a year, in the often excessively English weather means that the equipment needs to be treated to withstand the constant harsh British weather. The processes our company provides makes it possible for turbines and other energy generating equipment to stand firm for decades to come.

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The benefits of surface engineering for the Renewable Energy sector

  • Reduce the effects of erosion, weakness & corrosion
  • Increase the strength of components
  • Improve the life-span of wind turbines

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